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Apartments in the North Penn School District

When it comes to finding housing that has access to excellent public education in the suburbs of Philadelphia, locals know that there’s one particularly sought-after location that helps better put their children in a position to reach success. If you’re one of those parents in search of Lansdale apartments in the North Penn School District, we’d like to invite you to take a look at our homes for rent.

Madison Lansdale Station is a brand-new housing community that combines luxury living with ground-level retail outlets, putting everything you need to be comfortable in one convenient location. The local community, still in its infancy, is fast-growing with boutiques, entertainment, and restaurants popping up left and right. This is your opportunity to get in early, ahead of the crowd.

Best of all for parents, choosing Madison Lansdale Station as your home means your children will be part of the coveted North Penn School District. This district seeks to imbue its students with its “embody its universal values of achievement, kindness, collaboration, respect, responsibility, resilience, and integrity.”

The district has high expectations for learning and encourages each student to strive to be the best they can, reinforcing the notion that each of them can be successful if they apply themselves. They work toward developing top-notch decision-making skills, identifying opportunities to improve, and retaining strengths.

Recognizing that technology plays a huge role in education today, the district even has a Chromebook loaner program for students, beginning in grade 6. Students are assigned their own Chromebook, which they can use both in school and at home, helping to further facilitate a modern age means of learning. They even help connect low-income families with affordable internet options for the home, helping to make sure kids are able to stay connected no matter what. This type of forward-thinking helps to demonstrate just one of the many reasons parents are eager to leave their children’s education in this district’s hands.

So if you’re in the market to live in the lap of luxury at home, while also giving your kids access to some of the best public-school education, come take a look at our Lansdale apartments in the North Penn School District. You won't be disappointed. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour!